About Us

Providers of Highest Expertise in GIS/GPS data collection solutions:

We are a dedicated group of professionals who have been in the forefront of the GIS industry since 1994, providing the best solutions because we have an in-depth knowledge no one else can match.

We Provide Solutions

Anyone can cobble together a set of equipment to collect GIS field data. CompassTools does much more than that. Our expert staff can listen to your needs and put together the best set of tools to meet your specific requirements.

We Provide Support

If you buy or rent from CompassTools, you are joining a community of customers who know they can reach out to us for training, repair, and support in any GIS need.

We Provide Options

We are one of the largest Trimble dealers in the United States, serving Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Minnesota, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Wyoming and parts of Texas. Besides Trimble, we are value-added resellers to many other hardware and software providers. In our territory, if you need GIS, we offer more options than any other provider.

We Provide Training

When it comes to GIS/GPS field data collection, the equipment available today is sophisticated and powerful – but untrained personnel cannot use it to its full capacity and may even inadvertently gather data that is just wrong. CompassTools offers full-day, Certified training on our products.

We Provide Customer Service

Our customers are like family. We consider your needs, take the time to discuss your options with you, and provide the customer service necessary to ensure your field data collection is the best it can be.