Company History

Bringing GIS/GPS together – The history of CompassTools

CompassTools was founded in 1994 by W. Brant Howard and his wife, Margaret, as CompassCom. Focused on reselling Trimble, Esri, and Laser Technology Inc., products, CompassCom was started as a customer-focused company determined to fill the need for integrated GIS, GPS and wireless solutions in field data collection.

In early 2004, CompassCom split into three sister companies in the GIS industry, each providing a specific service. CompassTools was created at that time to continue the reseller role, while CompassData was created to sell Ground Control Points and Geospatial data collection and verification, and the CompassCom name was kept by the Fleet-Management division, selling Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solutions. At that time, Steve Chiles, one of the original staff with CompassCom, was named CEO of CompassTools.

Until 2004, CompassTools served as a reseller, certified trainer and rentals provider to just the Colorado and New Mexico markets. At Trimble’s behest, over the years we have added more territory, and gradually came to the full eight-state territory we serve now: Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, and also parts of Texas.

Today, CompassTools is focused on sales, service, support and training for GPS, data collectors, laser rangefinders, digital cameras and imagery, either as stand-alone products or integrated to create appropriate field data solutions for a variety of client needs. We serve as consultants and educators for our clients, helping them choose the best bundled solutions for their GIS/GPS requirements, whatever they may be.

CompassTools has a dedicated sales force across an eight state region and are licensed resellers for: Trimble, Esri, Laser Technology, GeoSpatial Experts, CartoPac Field Software, Lizard Tech, Ricoh, and more.

In 2008 we opened our certified repair facility for owners of Trimble hardware.