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AVL – Using GIS/GPS to Manage Your Field Assets

CompassTools works with sister company CompassCom to provide Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) for your enterprise: Utilities, Government, Public Works, Oil & Gas and others. AVL applies to any asset in the field, including vehicles, ruggedized laptops, or large assets such as drillers or back hoes.

While many companies in the AVL industry concentrate on one, or sometimes two, aspects of the overall solution, CompassTools, with CompassCom, offers the complete package.

We provide all five fundamentals of AVL:

  • Hardware
  • Most GPS capable hardware on the market today
  • CompassCom can install recommended hardware on your vehicles or we may be able to use what you already have
  • Simultaneous Connectivity
  • Any wireless carrier (including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc., or private/regional carriers)
  • 2-way radio
  • Wi-Fi
  • Satellite
  • Combinations of the above
  • Data interoperability server
  • CompassLDE, the unique server
  • Compiles data simultaneously from all inputs for real-time analysis
  • Analyzes data on SQL or Oracle databases
  • GIS Data
  • Works with ESRI ArcGIS 10
  • Works with commercial, off-the-shelf GIS mapping data
  • Decision-making software tool
  • CompassTrac – real-time viewer
  • CompassRespond – allows incident command on site and off, simultaneously
  • CompassReports – easy creation of standard and customized reports of archive data for analysis and proof of ROI
  • CompassAVL – Public-facing web viewer (for citizen access)

In fact, CompassCom will help you track your mobile assets – whether they are vehicles or not. Perhaps you need Mobile Resource Management for your ruggedized laptops. Or some other piece of hardware in the field. CompassCom can help you track it, geo-code it, control it. For more information about AVL, including a free White Paper on Interoperability and ROI, go to www.CompassCom.com.

Drop Fleet Fuel Costs: AVL Saves Money on Fuel Across your Fleet

Fleet management using CompassCom AVL can help create significant fuel savings through efficiencies across all your vehicles and field workers. CompassCom has been helping customers save money on fuel and prove ROI since 1994.