Digital Globe BaseMap

Fast-forward your workflow with Digital Globe BaseMap

Take full advantage of the power of GIS with Digital Globe BaseMap.  The yearly subscription service combines high resolution imagery and locational management tools with recently collected satellite imagery.  Email notification will alert subscribers after an area of interest has been collected by one of the 4 Digital Globe image collection satellites.  Over 100 million acres are collected every day.  Whether tracking change over time of a specific project, or utilizing the multispectral image collection capabilities, the Digital Globe BaseMap product is an enhancement to your regularly collected aerial imagery.  In addition, historical archive of imagery allows users to view imagery from previous collections.

BaseMap offers more than just one view of the Earth. With several extensions to choose from, you can customize your subscription based on your needs.

BaseMap + Vivid

Provides the highest quality imagery with at all zoom levels.

BaseMap + Refresh

Provides temporally relevant imagery with an unrivaled annual refresh Service Level » Provides a best-in-class combination of resolution, ground truth accuracy, currency and aesthetics required for evaluating, planning, and detecting change over time 8,885,259 sq km Collected annually = 24,261sq km EVERY DAY.

BaseMap + Daily

Delivers our most current imagery over an area of interest. Content is delivered according to geographic need and can be accessed online through DigitalGlobe Cloud Services. Imagery can be available within hours of collection.

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