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GIS is now an integral part of Government Services

Government uses of GIS data are growing daily. From metropolitan planning, to road and bridge mapping, maintenance and repair, to recreational site information, the public has come to demand the convenience of GIS-generated data from their government.

City public works departments implement GIS to aid in the management of city-wide asset inventories, and extensive databases have been created using GIS technology. This GIS data allows state, local and regional entities to track asset depreciation, model each system through network connectivity, create maintenance schedules for assets, and serve as a reference in emergency situations.

Other government needs for GIS technology include:

  • General Plan Land Use
  • Zoning Designations
  • Public Notifications
  • Economic Development
  • Neighborhood Improvement Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Data 911 dispatch/Public Safety
  • Crime Analysis
  • Street Maintenance Program
  • Parks and Facilities

CompassTools provides all the necessary hardware, software and training to governmental organizations within our territory, so that they can meet this vital and grown public need.

Municipalities, Counties and regional districts have embraced GIS data for its accurate depiction of everything from parks to planned housing developments.

For your governmental GIS needs, consult CompassTools. We can provide the exact tool you need, when you need it, to collect and coordinate your GIS data.

"Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is the use of computer hardware and software combined with the management of spatial databases. A spatial database is a database that is directly linked to physical features in the real world. This link creates a very powerful tool for local governments by allowing employees to manage, analyze, and model the very assets it is responsible for. Detailed maps and databases are used as a result of GIS technology"