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Bring your Forestry Management into the 21st Century – CompassTools is there for you

The demand for GIS applications in forestry has grown in recent years as the use of the technology has become clear. Forestry includes land management for grazing (public and private leases), wildlife habitat, timber and mining, recreational uses and water resources. Today’s technology means very rural, forest maps can be updated accurately, regularly. More and more state and regional forestry organizations, as well as private forestry groups, are using GIS. CompassTools can provide your organization with the right tools as well as the training for field data collection specific to the rural and harsh condition needs of forestry GIS collection.

CompassTools is the Trimble Mapping/GIS Field Data Solutions provider in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Minnesota, Nebraska, North and South Dakota and West Texas
Forestry management can include digital terrain data, vegetation associations from Landsat satellite data, timber compartments, land types, precipitation, land ownership, administrative districts and the drainage network, among other uses. GIS has been utilized for such analyses as timber harvesting, habitat protection and planning the location of scenic roads.