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Geospatial Data for Transportation

Whether government or private, transportation means maps, and today that means GIS data.

CompassTools can aid your transportation organization in building the best, most accurate data to provide to your customers.

Transportation Example of GIS in use

In transportation: State Departments of Transportation, Road and Bridge planning and maintenance, light rail and other mass transit planning and implementation: Transportation is using GIS technology. As an example, consider the Wyoming DOT travel map:

Wyoming Department of Transportation’s (WYDOT) Travel Information Map


Map Screenshot

WYDOT’s internet-based Travel Information Map provides regularly updated travel information, including weather and road conditions, to the public and other users. The tool contains a map of the state depicting highway routes, the location of rest areas and construction projects, road closures, alerts, as well as other information for the traveler. Routes are color-coded to indicate current road surface and weather conditions as reported from 26 roadside weather stations. A “zoom” feature allows viewers to hone in on a particular area to see more detailed information. View the Travel Information Map.