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LizardTech Imagery Compression Software



LizardTech® GeoExpress® software reduces storage costs by compressing images to less than 5 percent of their original size using either the industry-standard MrSID® image compression format — now updated to MrSID® Generation 4 (MG4) — or the ISO-standard JPEG 2000 format, all while retaining the visual quality of the originals. GeoExpress 9 offers MG4 compression of raster data. The latest version is four times faster and offers Intelligent Encoding.

Save Time Creating and Viewing Imagery – GeoExpress® software enables you to save time creating or re-purposing imagery for new projects by offering powerful, fast, and easy-to-use image editing and manipulation tools such as re projection, color balancing, mosaicking, cropping, despeckling and more. And MrSID® and JPEG 2000 images load faster in applications than other file types, so your end users save time, too.

Faster Than Ever Before – GeoExpress 9 is four times faster than before, and supports distributing multiple jobs across multiple cores. Intelligent Encoding automatically reconfigure settings in GeoExpress 9 to give you optimal performance; now there’s no need to choose between encoding, optimization, or updates. Just choose what you want to do and GeoExpress will work behind the scenes to give you the fastest performance. And with GeoExpress’s 64-bit support, you can take advantage of more memory than ever before to create mosaics of imagery multiple terabytes in size. With GeoExpress software you can encode your MrSID® imagery faster than ever before.

Customize Your Multispectral Imagery – GeoExpress 9 supports MG4, the latest version of the industry standard geospatial image format. With MG4’s support for compressing multi- and hyperspectral data you can use GeoExpress software to compress up to 255 bands of geospatial data to MrSID®, select any subset of output bands from multispectral source images, and specify an individual compression ratio for each band or groups of bands. Whether you need to compress 4-band color images containing an infrared channel, take advantage of the latest 8-band satellite imagery, or compress high-resolution RGB datasets, GeoExpress has you covered.

Take Advantage of Improved Mosaicking Options – Previously, mosaics were either quick to create but slower for end users to open, or mosaics took a long time to create but opened rapidly in viewing applications. With GeoExpress 9, you can combine thousands of MrSID® files without spending valuable time reprocessing them. MG4 mosaics open as quickly as a single image, so you save time creating images and your users save time viewing them.

Turn Unwieldy Geospatial Datasets into Network-Friendly Imagery –Compress your imagery to industry standard MrSID® or ISO standard JPEG 2000 format at 5 percent of its original size without sacrificing visual quality. You can also encode imagery losslessly and save 30 percent or more on disk space while retaining pixel-for-pixel fidelity to the originals. Your imagery encoded with GeoExpress will travel faster over networks and can be used in almost every major geospatial application. And GeoExpress’ despeckling technology removes compression artifacts from the edges of images, making your imagery look better than ever before.

Encode with Confidence – GeoExpress helps you take the guesswork out of generating compressed imagery conforming to government requirements for ISO and other standards, including Department of Defense and NGA JPEG 2000 encoding specifications (such as NPJE and EPJE) and long-time industry-standard MrSID. Predefined and user-defined encoding profiles ensure that your organization delivers the same high-quality imagery, every time.

GeoExpress Server

Express Server is the leading image-delivery software for compressed raster imagery, including multispectral imagery. It uses patented compression technology to reduce storage costs, decrease image loading times and handle thousands of image requests—all without sacrificing visual quality. With Express Server, you can access your imagery from virtually any GIS application, from a web browser, and even from mobile devices. That’s because Express Server uses industry and ISO standards such as the WMS protocol and the MrSID®, JPEG 2000 and Geospatial PDF formats. Plus, Express Server includes built-in web tools for a complete out of the box experience, featuring simple server management, image browsing, image export and more.

With Express Server you can:

  • Quickly and easily distribute high resolution raster imagery
  • Retain high visual quality, regardless of connection speed, with support for MrSID®, JPEG 2000, NITF and Geospatial PDF formats
  • Distribute up to 255 bands in MrSID® format with support for hyperspectral imagery
  • Run Express Server on a 64-bit operating system to take advantage of memory-based performance improvements
  • Try it for free today. A 30-day trial is available here.

GeoExpress Suite

LizardTech® Express Suite® offers the complete package for your geospatial needs: you can manipulate and compress your imagery with GeoExpress®, and distribute your imagery over the Internet using Express Server®.

Keeping a competitive edge increasingly requires interoperability among the technologies and services that your organization uses to get work done. Having tools that are designed to work with each other at every step along your workflow is the key to transforming your satellite and aerial image data into products that people use. Storing, manipulating and distributing your imagery calls for familiar tools that work seamlessly not only with each other but also with protocols and applications in the larger geospatial ecosystem.

LizardTech’s Express Suite offers just such a set of tools for geospatial imaging. Express Server already enables your imagery to be distributed by any network and viewed in almost every geospatial environment. With GeoExpress, all of LizardTech’s applications can also interoperate with one another, which makes it easier and faster than ever to get your imagery into the hands of the people who need it.

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