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Laser Technology, Inc. Transmission and Distribution Professional Software

Easy-to-Use, Powerful T&D Software, Made for Field Use

Everything about Laser Technology's T&D Pro® software is designed to make it easy for anyone to gather professional data. The easy-to-use menus and functionality let you electronically record and store collected data, calculate critical values automatically in the field, and even create text and spreadsheet reports. We've also included step-by-step graphic aids and instructions written with simplicity in mind. No surveyor training is required!

Key Features and Functions

  • Conductor Height – T&D instantly displays the height of a wire conductor.
  • Missing Line and Slope – T&D will calculate the azimuth, inclination and slope distance, as well as the horizontal and vertical distance between two points.
  • Conductor Clearance – T&D provides line clearance values so you can mark trees to cut or otherwise ensure clear lines.
  • Sag Profile – T&D instantly calculates the span, sag and tension values for a power conductor line, even calculating the height and location of the lowest point.
  • Tie Line Bi-Section – determines the direction necessary to anchor your guy wire at a bend point in a new line.
  • Store Raw Data – log miscellaneous distances, angles, heights and other data simply by shooting to an object and sending the data string to T&D. Notations can be stored along with data.

    Laser Technology Inc. T&D Pro®: $395

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