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Get Your Trimble Tuned Up with MAP-IT

MAP-IT (Maintenance And Prevention integrated Tune-up) is a 19- point annual inspection program that will ensure that your Trimble MGIS Field Tool is tested and any issues are captured and resolved proactively before your unit goes into the field.


The cost of this service is $120 plus shipping.

MAP-IT Option 1:  The Standard 19-point Check Tune Up and Cleaning

MAP-IT Option 2:  Tune up + Extended Warranty 




MAP-IT is available for the following equipment:

  • Trimble Geo 7X Handheld (with or without rangefinder)
  • Trimble Geo XH/XT/XM – 2005, 2008/3000, 6000 Series
  • Trimble Geo 2003 XT and XM
  • Trimble Pro XH/XT, Pro 6H, Pro 6T Receivers
  • Trimble Data Collection, Ranger, and Recon
  • Trimble GPS Pathfinder ProXRT
  • Trimble Yuma table
  • All Juno Series (3B, SB, SC, SD)
  • Trimble Nomad 800, 900 and 1050

What Does the MAP-IT Inspection Include?

GPS Receiver and Antenna
  • Ensure that the Satellite View Screen is open and allows the unit to track SV’s
  • Ensure that a position can be generated and that the SNR of the available SV’s are adequate
  • Check the external antenna and verify that the external antenna connect message appears.
System Inspection
  • Check and upgrade Operation System to the latest version
  • Calibrate the touch screen and ensure that touch screen operation is normal
  • Ensure that navigation through the various screens is normal
  • Check and upgrade the Firmware to the latest version
Charging & Battery Inspection
  • Verify that the main battery power displays “charging” when placed in cradle
  • Check system report for detailed battery information, including temperature and calibration
  • Check the battery and drain the battery by 10% to verify the unit is charging back to 100%
  • Visually inspect the battery for any damage and check the battery flex connector
Physical Inspection
  • Check for cracks or any physical or structural damage
  • Wipe the outer surface of the unit. Clean the small copper round electrical connectors in the back
  • Open the unit and torque all screws to their specifications including the basket, bucket, lower housing and bezel.
Connection and Communication Test

Confirm that the unit communicates using Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center

SD Card Test (Geo2005 and Geo2008 only)

Audio test evaluates both the microphone and speaker

Keypad test evaluates each key on keypad

Display allows the user to view all pixels of the LCD in a range of colors to ensure all functions properly

Total power off evaluates the ability of the unit to be reset

To Apply for MAP-IT Service:


David is a Trimble Certified repair technician, in charge of the Repair Center at CompassTools. David earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California. Early in his career David worked in the Aerospace industry in the Space Shuttle program, and later he worked in the Telecommunication industry. David has been repairing Trimble MGIS equipment for ten years. GIS Hardware Repair, Certified Trimble Repair Technician.