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The Trimble Nomad: The most rugged handheld

The Trimble Nomad 900G Series of integrated GPS handhelds offers all-in-one convenience in a device engineered for superior performance in harsh environments.

Stand-Alone Performance

The Nomad 900G Series handhelds feature a huge 6 GB of Flash storage, 128 MB of RAM, a powerful 806 MHz processor, WiFi and Bluetooth wireless technology connectivity, a SecureDigital (SD) slot for removable cards, and a 3.5 inch (8.9 cm) VGA display. With a variety of configuration options, including a cellular modem, 5 megapixel digital camera with integrated flash, a laser bar code scanner, and USB expansion options, the Nomad 900G series provides a range of all-in-one solutions for field data collection and asset management activities.

The Nomad 900G Series meets the rigorous MIL-STD-810F Military standard for drops, vibration, humidity and extreme temperature. It also comes with an IP67 rating, meaning that it is completely sealed from dust, and can survive submersion in up to 1 meter (3 feet) of water for 30 minutes.

Key Features

  • High-performance all-in-one integrated GPS device
  • 6 GB built-in storage as standard
  • Ultra-rugged form factor
  • Integrated cellular modem option
  • Integrated digital 5 megapixel camera and barcode scanner options

    $2,249 - $2,849

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