Together with the latest field software enhancements and GNSS innovations – including Trimble Floodlight satellite shadow reduction technology – the GeoXH handheld establishes a new standard for GNSS system performance and handheld data capture.

Bringing together the essential functionality for high-accuracy field work in one device, the GeoXH handheld delivers real-time decimeter (10 cm / 4 inch) accuracy positioning, high quality photo capture, and integrated internet connectivity options.


The Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 series takes GNSS productivity to a whole new level. Combining submeter accuracy GNSS, high quality photo capture, wireless Internet, and connectivity options in a single product, the GeoXT handheld is the ideal field device for organizations mapping critical assets and infrastructure, or for anyone needing dependable submeter accuracy GNSS data, simple operation, and repeatable results. Features a field-swappable battery.

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