Our Products

CompassTools Provides a Complete Toolbox of hardware, software and Bundled Solutions for Field Data Collection and Management

CompassTools’ GPS solutions are geared to handle the entire GIS/GPS field data collection process.

These include: creating custom pick lists for attributes, checking for satellite availability, loading background maps, configuring the GPS, data collection, data updates, and moving the data to your GIS or CAD format. The process is seamless and efficient, from field to GIS.

The best solution for you depends on these factors:

  • What positional accuracy do you require?
  • Do you intend to load background images into the data collector?
  • How many units do you wish to deploy into the field?
  • How complex are the features you are collecting in terms of attributes?
  • Do you require precise GPS measurements in the field or can you achieve higher accuracy after coming back to the office?
  • How rugged must the data collector be?

Let our team of dedicated and knowledgeable experts help you design the best solution for your needs!