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Esri: Software Applications that bring your GIS to life

Esri® is the largest provider of mapping software in the world. Many government entities and utility companies have invested in Esri’s ArcGIS®. CompassTools is an Esri Silver Business Partner and we can help you fold your field data collection into the Esri platform.

If you would like to know more about Esri mapping products, we are happy to show you!

CompassTools sells and supports these Trimble Software products:

  • ArcPad®
  • ArcGIS Desktop Extensions®
  • ArcGIS Engine® Runtime and Extensions
  • Esri Data
  • Esri StreetMap Premium®
Esri ArcPad®

ArcPad supports field devices, such as GPS receivers, range finders, and integrated digital cameras, with GIS data collection. Input from these devices is stored within the GIS.


ArcPad: $700

ArcGIS ArcView®

ArcGIS is a system that lets you easily author data, maps, globes, and models on the desktop and serve them out for use on a desktop, in a browser, or in the field via mobile devices, depending on the needs of your organization.

ArcView is geographic information system (GIS) software for visualizing, managing, creating, and analyzing geographic data.Using ArcView, you can understand the geographic context of your data, allowing you to see relationships and identify patterns in new ways.

With ArcView, you can:

  • Author maps and interact with your data by generating reports and charts and printing and embedding your maps in other documents and applications.
  • Save time using map templates to create consistent style in your maps.
  • Build process models, scripts, and workflows to visualize and analyze your data.
  • Read, import, and manage more than 70 different data types and formats including demographics, facilities, CAD drawings, imagery, Web services, multimedia, and metadata.
  • Communicate more efficiently by printing, publishing, and sharing your GIS data and dynamic content with others.
  • Use tools such as Find, Identify, Measure, and Hyperlink to discover information not available when working with static paper maps.
  • Make better decisions and solve problems faster.

ArcPad Data Manager Extension® for ArcGIS for Desktop

A mobile component of ArcGIS, ArcPad integrates with desktop GIS technologies to allow field edits to be incorporated into a geodatabase through disconnected editing. It replaces the ArcPad tools for ArcGIS for Desktop that came with previous versions of ArcPad.

ArcPad Engine® Runtime and Extensions

ArcGIS Engine is a complete library of embeddable GIS components for developers to build custom applications. Using ArcGIS Engine, you can embed GIS functions into existing applications, including Microsoft® Office products, such as Word and Excel, and build focused custom applications that deliver advanced GIS systems to many users. ArcGIS Engine consists of a software developer kit and a redistributable runtime providing the platform for all ArcGIS applications. Since ArcGIS Engine is supported on Windows, Solaris, and Linux (Intel), developers can create cross-platform custom solutions for a wide range of users.

Esri Data

Get the most accurate and comprehensive demographic, lifestyle segmentation, consumer spending, and business data to help you profile customers, analyze markets, evaluate competitors, and identify opportunities.

Esri StreetMap Premium®

StreetMap Premium is an enhanced, ready-to-use street dataset that works with Esri’s ArcGIS software to provide geocoding, routing, and high-quality cartographic display for the entire United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

StreetMap Premium, based on commercial street data from NAVTEQ and TomTom, is optimized, structured, and compressed to ensure ease of use and quick deployment.

With ArcView, you can:

  • As a multiscale, high-quality cartographic basemap
  • To find and batch geocode addresses
  • To generate optimal routes for multistop itineraries
  • In cartographic applications that require addressing and locality information
  • For scheduling applications that require the most updated streets and addresses
ArcPad 10.2 is now available! It extends customization options and annotation capabilities, simplifies tasks, and increases access to key geographic data.

Enhanced Customization Capabilities — Add, delete, or modify standard ArcPad tools more easily. You can create a custom ArcPad toolbar or multiple toolbars for various projects and tasks within the ArcPad environment. As in previous versions, you may still extend customization further by using ArcPad Studio to add custom tools that contain scripted actions and behavior.

Improved Graphics Layer and Support for Annotation Targets — ArcGIS map annotation groups are now exported as individual graphics layers. You can expect better matching of text and geometry symbols between the ArcPad graphics layers and ArcGIS for Desktop. You also have the ability to choose to export all annotation groups at once with the Get Data for ArcPad wizard or export one annotation group at a time with the Export Graphics Layer For ArcPad tool.

Shortcut to Create ArcPad Apps — Create a shortcut to launch ArcPad projects from the desktop or Today (main menu) screen. You can also choose to launch ArcPad with only your custom toolbars, not the standard (default) toolbars.

Updated Help System — The ArcPad help system has been improved with new topics and enhancements to existing menus and features.