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Trimble Mapping & GIS – Committed to Supporting Education

The Mapping & GIS Educator Program offers simple and flexible solutions that make it easy for educational institutions to teach GPS and GIS concepts using the latest Trimble technology.

The Educator program is designed to support the goals of educational institutions.

By consolidating your GPS/GIS needs you can take advantage of the Educator program’s cost-effective options, resulting in significant savings.

With Trimble’s Mapping & GIS Educator program, you get:

A choice of licenses for 2, 10, 20, or up to 100 students, giving each of them the opportunity to use Mapping & GIS field and office software. Putting GPS in the hands of every student makes teaching GPS and GIS principles to classes easy and effective.

The ability to purchase Trimble Mapping and GIS hardware solutions at discounted prices for use in conjunction with the software licenses, as needed and as your budget permits.

Access to the Juno SB handheld classroom kits, providing truly outstanding educational value.

Easy to manage software enhancements to keep the software up-to-date so you are always teaching with the latest Trimble technology. Ensuring your students have access to the most recent software versions will give them a competitive advantage when they enter the workforce.

Key Features

  • Choice of field and office software licenses for 2-100 student
  • Discounted hardware solutions
  • Juno SB handheld classroom kits
  • Software enhancements to keep software up-to-date

Maintenance Options for Educators

Software Maintenance extension options available for educators are also at a reduced price. Check with your CompassTools representative for details!


To join the program, your educational institution must provide proof of accreditation to confirm your eligibility.

Please call for pricing and availability!