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Unify geospatial field data collection with Trimble TerraFlex software. TerraFlex software means fast, efficient, geospatial data collection across a fleet of mixed devices. Comprised of Mobile software and Cloud services, with Trimble TerraFlex software collect, process and manage your data for integration into your systems.

Key Features

  • Cloud based, real-time data workflows.
  • Supports iOS, Android and Windows Mobile
  • Centralizes workflow onto single device
  • Fully functional data collection offline
  • Automated Sync with your Central Server

TerraFlex Advanced (January 2015)

Trimble® TerraFlex™ Advanced software— which adds capabilities to support “data update” workflows—will be available in January, 2015. Not only can users collect new data, they can update existing data too!

The existing Basic edition of the TerraFlex software allows users to collect, process, and manage their geospatial data quickly, efficiently, and across a fleet of mixed data collection mobile devices and platforms. Extending on the Basic edition, TerraFlex Advanced enables users to import preexisting or pre-collected asset or GIS data into their TerraFlex projects and make real-time updates to this data in the field. This ensures their organization has the most up-to-date information on their assets to make the right decisions and put efficient maintenance plans in place.

Features and Benefits
Update existing data
TerraFlex Advanced allows organizations to maintain the most up-to-date information on their field assets. Field crews can take the organization’s existing data into the field and update the status, condition, or any other relevant attribute in real time. Having the most current data allows organizations to make the best decisions and plan efficiently for the maintenance of assets.
TerraFlex Advanced extends the robust project, user, and form functionality in the TerraFlex Basic edition keeping field crews organized and productive.

Efficient project and crew organization
Using projects in TerraFlex allows project supervisors to keep their data and field crews organized, efficient, and focused on the tasks and data that are relevant to them. Field crews can work in
a consistent way that will produce the best data that is suited to the needs of their organization.

Real-time updates
Data updates made in the field using TerraFlex Advanced are automatically synced back to the office, providing real-time updates to office staff. Project supervisors can observe the information coming in from their field teams and make adjustments as needed, eliminating costly rework and ensuring the right data is in place to make informed decisions.

Productive in all environments on any device
TerraFlex Advanced edition is supported on most mobile platforms— including iOS, Android, Windows® Embedded Handheld, and Trimble Yuma® 2 and Motion tablet devices running
Windows 7 / Windows 8—and fully supports users in remote environments who may not have cellular or Wi-Fi access. Users can still perform a full data update workflow whether they are connected or not, as data is simply synced when they are back in a connected setting, thus ensuring all day productivity in any location.

Pricing and Availability
The original TerraFlex Basic edition software remains priced at US$250 annually per user. The new TerraFlex Advanced edition software is priced at US$400 annually per user. Please contact us at (800) 728-5066 if you would like more information!

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