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Software from Trimble, designed specifically as Comprehensive Solutions for Utilities

In combination with our Trimble MGIS hardware and software expertise, CompassTools offers comprehensive solutions for utilities of all kinds. In fact, we are one of only 10 dealers across the United States to focus on Trimble Navigation products and services provided specifically for the utilities industry, and we have had this special designation since 2010.

As an experienced dealer for Trimble’s Utilities Field Solutions® (TUFS), CompassTools has answers for:

  • A Generation & Transmission (G&T) Electric co-op, designing or routing new transmission lines
  • A rural water utility that is digitally mapping its assets for the first time, bringing them into a GIS mapping application
  • A gas utility performing inspections on its infrastructure
  • A distribution electric co-op responding to outages and incidents
  • A wastewater utility managing its mobile workforce
  • A water utility needing a contractor to perform a complete GPS inventory

Be sure to speak with your CompassTools representative about the cost savings, improved workflow and seamless integration with your GIS provided through this exclusive partnership with Trimble.

Utilities customers have unique challenges, and CompassTools’ expertise with Trimble Utilities Field Solutions (TUFS) is there to ensure you can meet all of them.

Whether you’re managing utility assets, conducting field inspections, responding to outages, or delivering customer field services, Trimble Utilities Field Solutions ensure you have the right solutions for the job.

Trimble’s comprehensive solutions for utilities—electric, gas, water, and wastewater—help you plan, design, and implement technology and work processes that streamline operations, boost field worker productivity, enhance customer service, and speed emergency response times, enabling you to operate more efficiently and effectively.

The Trimble Utilities Field Solution Suite:

  • Trimble Connect
  • Field Inspector
  • Utility Center
  • Fieldport
  • e-Respond
  • PoleStar
  • TL-Pro
  • Corridor Analyst
  • Utilities Data Collection

Each of the applications has specific functionality that may serve your utility needs alone or best in conjunction with others in the collection. Let a CompassTools utility data expert help you put together the best combination of software for your needs.

Trimble Authorized Dealer
Does your Utility need a GPS inventory? CompassData can map your utilities for you!

CompassData provides field services including an experienced utility field mapping program. If your utility requires a new GIS dataset with information about where (and in what condition) all your field assets are, let CompassData take care of it for you to ensure your field data collection and mapping is done consistently, accurately and in a timely manner!