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Section 333 Addendum Filing to Add All Systems

In order to alleviate the current Section 333 Exemption traffic jam, the FAA has recently began approving exemptions that reference the List of Approved Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) rather than a single system. That’s right! You can now get an exemption to operate any system on that list (which remember is updated regularly) in one fell swoop. BAM! Again BAM! This is huge. Soak this in. That’s one addendum that give you accesses to any new system (under 55lbs) current or future as long as it’s in the FAA’s list.  The Section 333 Addendum is a huge change in the process and should free up that clogged pipe for everyone interested in operating UAS for commercial purposes legally.

For now the FAA is automatically including the list of Approved Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) with new exemption requests, but for those of us who already have an exemption we must ask for this via the Section 333 Addendum.

Section 333 Exemption Addendum

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Addendum to Add All Systems

CompassTools can add all FAA Approved Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to your exemption in one fell swoop!