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GIS Field Data Collection Project – What Could Go Wrong?


  • Your Trimble GPS device loses a satellite signal
  • Your GIS equipment malfunctions or becomes damaged
  • You need instructions on your hardware or software while in the field

Field data collection projects are never easy. Rarely do they go off without a hitch. You have to deal with the elements, unfamiliar equipment and the unexpected – which always seems to occur.

How can you be assured your next project will be a success?
Take Compass Tools into the field with you.

  • Since 1994, CompassTools has been a “one-stop-shop” for GIS hardware, software and support.
  • We have a wealth of practical experience on staff ready to put their real world experience to work for you. Whether you need advice, support or Mobile GIS consulting, our team can help.
  • Unlike the other GIS vendors, we offer training, service and support for every piece of hardware and software we sell. When you take one of our products into the field, our dedicated support team is standing by to help with your questions.

We invest in our people so they will answer your phone call, expedite your order and provide the support you deserve.

GIS hardware and software, training, support and service from one trusted and experienced source – CompassTools.