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Software Options to bring your GIS/GPS to life

Talk with us about how you are using your data collected in the field so we can help you put together the best suite of software for your needs.

Most of the hardware we sell can work with more than one kind of software.

Software Options

Trimble's TerraSync
Ruggedly designed for robust GPS data collection using Trimble hardware

Spatial Data Technologies' CartoPac
Robust yet simple, flexible and cost-effective, requires no GIS program, but is compatible with ESRI GIS and others

ESRI's ArcPad
Mobile GIS tool, highly customizable and widely used

This is just the beginning of your options. Let CompassTools' experts help you choose, based on your hardware, budget and overall objectives for GIS.

New to the whole GPS data collection scene?

Based on an assessment of your accuracy and workflow requirements, CompassTools will help you determine the best solution to quickly and efficiently record your field data to generate the maps and reports you need.

Professional Training from CompassTools

Both in the field and back at the office, your users need to understand the full functionality of the software packages available to them. These are sophisticated applications and professional training for end-users provides a much stronger Return on Investment for your organization's GPS/GIS purchase.

Get Trained On:

  • TerraSync from Trimble-certified instructors through one of our regularly-scheduled classes or by setting up classes for your organization.
  • Esri's ArcPad, along with GPS Correct to ensure accurate data input.



CompassTools offers trial versions of all software we sell, so you can evaluate the products and decide what works best for you!