CompassTools has recently partnered with TerraGo!


CompassTools and TerraGo have recently partnered to deliver powerful, integrated GIS and GPS mobile field data collection solutions to numerous industries including government, utility, natural resources, transportation, architecture and construction.

Set up projects, send teams out with multiple forms, keep in sync without returning back to the office, work anywhere and fully manage data in house.

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TerraGo Edge Overview


TerraGo Edge® is a mobile GPS field data collection solution that enables organizations to easily create and deploy custom mobile apps for collecting survey data with precision, and share field information across the enterprise in real-time. TerraGo Edge combines next-generation GPS, mapping, mobile forms and note-sharing features that turn user observations into actions, remote workers into sensors and place-based data into location intelligence. With TerraGo Edge, organizations create intelligent, portable notebooks customized for their unique areas of interest and specialized workflows.


TerraGo Edge lets you collect GPS data points at any accuracy level, whether you use the onboard GPS on your smart phone, or you want to attach a centimeter-level GPS receiver such as, Trimble® GNSS, to your mobile device. For any accuracy requirement, TerraGo Edge lets you capture data without sacrificing the latest features, mobile and cloud innovations, or being locked-in to proprietary technology.


TerraGo Edge is completely customizable for any industry, organization or workflow. For dynamic workflows, user observations can be quickly shared as photo, video or text notes. For situations where more structured data is required, TerraGo Edge provides industry-specific form templates and drag-and-drop custom smart form building so your field workers collect exactly what you need, when you need it.


TerraGo Edge allows users to instantly sync data and notes from the field, project teams and with home base for analysis. No more waiting days, weeks or even months for an update. When a connection is available, syncing will happen in real time and both administrators and field users will see updates as they work.


Edge is completely untethered from any platform and is completely independent of GIS or any other data source. You can leverage GIS, CAD, commercial maps and imagery, GeoPDF®, GeoTIFF or open source maps (like Google Maps, Bing, OpenStreetMap, etc.) and choose the right map for every job.


  • High-precision GPS support – One of the only apps on the market that provides true accuracy reporting and integration with 3rd party GPS devices such as Trimble GNSS.
  • Custom Mobile Forms –Simple form creation ensures that field personnel collect exactly what information you need.
  • Notebooks & Syncing – Your notes are automatically synced across all devices for easy collaboration.
  • Advanced Integrations – Supports GIS, CAD, Asset Management, EHS, and other software systems with accuracy settings for data quality management and multiple methods for data export/import via SHP, GDB, KML, CSV, WMS, JSON, WFS, ArcGIS® Online, ArcGIS Server and REST API.
  • Open Platform– Designed for ease of data sharing and universal portability, with an open spatial database, zero proprietary formats and support for a growing number of industry formats and interfaces.
  • Relational Feature – Attach as many forms or tables to existing features as you need. Edge is the only app in the market to support a “many-to-one” architecture.
  • Free Online Maps – Free maps from OpenStreetMaps, MapQuest, Google, Bing and more.
  • Esri® Integration – Direct integration with ArcGIS Desktop®, ArcGIS Online® and ArcGIS Server® for creation and updates to existing data sets.
  • Custom Offline Maps – Create and customize your own maps that can be accessed online or offline via Geospatial PDF, Aerial Imagery and MBTiles.
  • Workforce Management – View real-time progress of your workers, their location and their tasks.
  • Multiple deployment options– Use an on-premise solution server for sensitive data, or take advantage of our cloud hosting for easy setup.

TerraGo Edge Mobile GPS Explainer Video

This promotional video presents the concept and value of TerraGo Edge. You may embed this video on your website with the embed code below.  The end of the video includes a link to Try TerraGo Edge.


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CompassTools help customers deploy custom TerraGo mobile data collection solutions with integrated support for industry-leading hardware and software platforms, including Trimble® and Esri®. Read more on our recent partnership with TerraGp in the Press Release.

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