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Virtual Reference Station KML - August 29, 2014

Click here to download a Google Earth map of VRS networks in the U.S.


Updated Base Station KML - February 19, 2013

Click here to download the most current list of base stations in a Google Earth KMZ Format.


October 11, 2013 - Limited CORS Data Available for Areas in Colorado Impacted by Flooding


September 19, 2013 - NGS CORS Online Storage Transition From GPS Only to GNSS

The NGS CORS Team is ready to transition from GPS-only to GNSS online
storage of CORS data.  (This includes only GPS+GLONASS data at the
present time.)  The transition is scheduled for 1 October 2013.  No
change in RINEX format will occur, because CORS data in our online
storage available via ftp or "Standard Download" have been in RINEX 2.11
format since 2007-Sep-10.

This transition will involve a number of steps:

2013-Aug-19: Updated CORS map to show which stations supply
GPS versus GNSS data (~800 out of ~1950).

2013-Aug-19: Until the transition date, GNSS RINEX data are available at:{yyyy}/{ddd}/{ssss}
yyyy-4 digit year, ddd-3 digit day-of-year, ssss-4 alphanumeric site id
GPS-only data remain available, as usual, at:{yyyy}/{ddd}/{ssss}

2013-Aug-19: UFCORS (User Friendly CORS) has a new beta version 4.0
that supports GNSS.
This beta version will remain available until the transition date, at
which point UFCORS3x will be terminated and replaced by UFCORS4.0. For
Pathfinder users this transition should be seamless.  The biggest change
is that UFCORS3x provided GPS data that excluded L2C and L5 data, and
now will include GPS L2C, L5 and GLONASS, if available. Users will be
able to exclude GLONASS data but not specific GPS signals.

For questions about UFCORS please email ngs.ufcors @

2013-Oct-01:  Start distributing GNSS data to
We have data from selected sites all the way back to 2007 that will
replace previous GPS-only data files. The replacement of the older data
will take a few weeks to complete.

OPUS will remain unchanged using only GPS L1 and L2 data. If additional signals are included in the submitted file these will be removed before processing by NGS.


May 2nd, 2013 - Critical Information regarding Microsoft hotfix rollup and ArcGIS

If you have applied Microsoft hotfix roll-up KB 2775511 and created file geodatabases on a shared network location from a Windows 7 SP1 or a Windows 2008 R2 SP1 machine, your file geodatabases are unusable. You will see an error message referencing the item type when you create new datasets or items in a file geodatabase.

For example, the following message will appear when creating a new feature class:

"Failed to create feature class.
The item was not found. [ItemType:

This issue is still under investigation.

Esri is working on a patch to mitigate this issue. There are currently several workarounds.

See Esri Knowledge Base article 41119 for further information and updates.



January 15th, 2013 - Trimble Positions

Have questions about the new Trimble Positions?

Click here to view all of the answers to the most frequently asked questions!


December 21, 2013 - Happy Holidays from CompassTools!!!

Our present to you??!

A CORS base station in Durango, Colorado (CTI4)!!!

Click here for more information!!


November 12, 2012 - New Operating System for your GeoExplorer 6000 Series!

A new version of the Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 series operating system is available to download from

This new release provides camera usability enhancements and bug fixes.

Trimble recommends that all customers update their GeoExplorer 6000 series handhelds to this new version.

CompassTools recomends that you read the release notes located here before attempting the update.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call or email


November 5, 2012 - TriGlobal Solutions for Mapping with Utility Line Locators

Utilities of all kinds use locating wands (such as Radiodetection, 3M, and Vivaz Metrotech) on a daily basis. But, what if you could connect such a device to a Trimble handheld device and empower your locator crews to map the lines as they go, and at high accuracy!

The software interface is extremely easy to use, and once you begin mapping a line, there's literally no need to touch the screen.

CompassTools is proud to be your dealer for TriGlobal Technologies, a Premier Trimble Business Partner.

Read the Customer Success story below to see how TriGlobal can help you!



October 24, 2012 - New Durango Base Station!

The newly installed Durango base station is now fully operational!

CTI4 - CompassTools Inc 4 Corners

Update your list in Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office or Trimble GPS Analyst to start using it.

As always, give us a call if you have any questions!

August 28, 2012 - Lessons Learned from the Esri International Users Conference

More than 15,000 mappers of the Esri worldwide community immersed themselves in ArcGIS technology demonstrations, and engaged with other geospatial thinkers.

"Between technology advancements from mobile to the cloud, the release of ArcGIS 10.1, and the new version of ArcGIS Online, this was the event of the year."

CompassTools representatives included Founder W. Brant Howard, CEO Steve Chiles, Regional Sales Managers David Siddle & Brandon Tourtelotte, and our Technical Support Experts Mitch Tweedy & Dan Walsh. Each had a different perspective on the Users Conference, but the one thing they all agreed on was: Web Maps and Mobile GIS are the future. Click on the link below for the full report!


August 24, 2012 - Geo 6000 Battery Swap

Swap out your Geo 6000 Battery when it runs low without the need to close files or shut down your unit! To buy a new battery, visit our online store. Click on the PDF for a simple how to.



July 19, 2012 - Hot News:

NGS Servers Shut Down

Starting at 1300h EST on Friday July 20 all NGS servers will be shutdown and not
restored until 2100h EST Saturday July 21 2012. This due to an electrical upgrade that
will affect the entire NGS facility in Silver Spring. The NGS website all products
and services will be affected.

Partial services will be available through our alternate facility in Boulder, CO.
Services available through this web site will be limited to webpages, CORS data holdings,
and UFCORS. OPUS, datasheets, and other products and services will not be available.
We anticipate most services will be restored on Sunday July 22, 2012, but some may be
delayed till Monday July 23, 2012

For more information please visit this link!

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June 4, 2012 - Hot News:

Update your List

Just a reminder, our base station located at the University of Denver has been updated to the latest and greatest hardware (Trimble Net R9).  To take advantage of this you must update your list in Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office or Trimble GPS Analyst:

update your list

Feel free to contact the CompassTools Inc. Tech Team with any questions.


March 29, 2012 - Hot News:

Register for the Weedseeker Webinar: April 10, 9:30 a.m. MDT

Sign up for our short, 30-minute webinar explaining how Trimble's Weedseeker® can save you up to 80 percent in weed-control costs. If you're a municipality, contractor, state government or utility required to control noxious weeds, this is information you need to know!


March 13, 2012 - Hot News:

Base Station Issues

Many Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office or GPS analyst users have noticed duplicate NGS CORS base stations with odd messages "offline" or "derived from IGS08." Many base stations have also lost their integrity index.

This Trimble support note explains.


March 1, 2012 - Hot News:

Now Available: the Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 Series has expanded to include the GeoXH Handheld Centimeter Edition

Trimble announces the availability of the GeoExplorer 6000 series GeoXH™ Centimeter edition handhelds, which together with Trimble TerraSync™ Centimeter edition field software and Trimble GPS Pathfinder® office software, achieves centimeter-level accuracy for attribute driven GIS data collection. The GeoXH Centimeter edition supports real-time data collection with Trimble TerraSync Centimeter edition software, as well as the ability to postprocess and analyze data in the office with GPS Pathfinder Office software.


Feb. 23, 2012 - Hot News:

WEEDSEEKER: Cut weed-control costs by up to 80%!Control noxious weeds the smart, cost-efficient way by adding Weedseeker to your Public Works or Utility fleet.

Watch this short video to learn how the Weedseeker technology works.

Contact us for more information about Weedseeker.


Feb. 16, 2012 - Hot News:

Trimble Yuma is upgraded from 32 to 80 GB internal hard drive!

The Trimble Yuma®, the ultra-rugged tablet computer for the mobile worker, is now shipping with an 80 GB solid-state hard drive.Currently, Trimble is not offering a way to upgrade existing 32GB Yumas to 80GB, but if there is an upgrade path in the future you will learn about it here.

Learn more


Feb. 8, 2012 - Hot News:

The Trimble Juno Series Is Now Ruggedized!

Trimble now offers a new generation of Juno hand held data collection devices - Juno 3B and 3D handhelds. Rugged to an IP54 rating, it also has an improved sunlight-optimized screen that maintains clarity even in direct sunlight.

Read the Trimble News Release

CompassTools is offering the new Juno 3B and 3D handheld models NOW.


Read an article about the value of CompassTools' certified training, designed to fully equip Trimble handheld users to collect the best possible data in the field: