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Extended Warranty: Protect Your Investment

CompassTools offers extended warrantees on Trimble MGIS hardware.

Your investment in GPS hardware is significant. With our warranty program, you can be sure that simple repairs can be taken care of without busting your budget.

CompassTools offers one year or two-year extended warranty options for Trimble MGIS products.

In order to qualify for the CompassTools Hardware Warranty Program, your unit must be inspected through our Maintenance and Prevention Integrated Tune-Up (MAP-IT). The MAP-IT program is a 19-point annual inspection program that tests each unit for latent issues, and allows us to resolve them proactively for all Trimble MGIS field tools.  

Each Full-Year Hardware Warranty: $395.00

MAP-IT: $99.00

Total Charge for One-Year Hardware Warranty: $395 + $99 = $494.00

*A two-year hardware warranty purchase requires MAP-IT only once (the first year), for a total savings of $99.

Total Charge for Two-Year Hardware Warranty*: $494 + $395 = $889.00


Hardware warranty customers will receive, in addition to the warranty:

  • 10% discount on any CompassTools Trimble Certified training course (one time only)
  • 10% discount on rentals if warranteed unit is in for repair

CompassTools Hardware Warranty Program Excludes:

  • Batteries
  • Chargers
  • USB Cables
  • Charging Module (for those units with charging modules)

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