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Choose the best geospatial tools to make sure your GIS investment provides the strongest ROI for your Utility: Water, Wastewater, Gas and Electric

Utility companies require precise mapping and data collection. In the field, no matter what the conditions, getting it right the first time is crucial for good public service.
CompassTools provides all the equipment and training specific to Utilities. A Licensed dealer of Trimble’s complete suite of MGIS (Mapping/GIS) products, CompassTools provides the equipment, software, training, rentals, extended warrantees and repair on all of Trimble’s Utilities-oriented products.

If you’re responding to outages, managing maintenance and repair, providing maps of gas lines, electric distribution grids, water/wastewater pipelines – you need to know exactly where everything is, now and for the future. Your field data collection and your office needs to work together seamlessly, too.
CompassTools is designed specifically to help you, Utilities, with all your Geospatial needs.

The challenge for telecoms and utility companies is to map, model, manage and maintain their distributed facilities and networks optimally to meet new customer expectations and industry compliance regulations. To meet this challenge, CompassTools offers extensive experience in data acquisition and conversion services, along with best of the breed software application capabilities and ecosystem partnerships.

CompassTools is a member in good standing of the American Water Works Association. Find us at many of their regional events!

CompassTools is a member of Rural Electric Associations in Colorado, Arizona, Nebraska, New Mexico, North and South Dakota and Minnesota

CompassData provides field services including an experienced utility field mapping program. If your utility requires a new GIS dataset with information about where (and in what condition) all your field assets are, let CompassData take care of it for you to ensure your field data collection and mapping is done consistently, accurately and in a timely manner!

Does your Utility need a GPS inventory? CompassData can map your utilities for you!