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Get your Trimble Tune Up

MAP-IT: The first step to your extended warranty

For $129 per unit plus shipping, ensure that there are no latent maintenance/repair issues before that handheld goes into the field.

MAP-IT (Maintenance And Prevention integrated Tune-up) is a 19- point annual inspection program that will ensure that latent issues are tested for, and hopefully will allow us to capture and resolve issues proactively for all Trimble MGIS Field Tools.

  • We MAP-IT the following equipment:
  • Trimble Geo XH/XT/XM 6000 Series
  • Trimble Geo XH/XT/XM 2008/3000 Series
  • Trimble Geo XH/XT/XM 2005 Series
  • Trimble Pro XH/XT Receivers
  • Trimble Data Collection, Ranger, and Recon
  • Trimble GPS Pathfinder ProXRT
  • Trimble Yuma table
  • Juno Series
  • Trimble Nomad 800 and 900

What Does MAP-IT Inspection Include?

  • Ensure that the Satellite view screen is open and allows the unit to track SV’s.
  • Ensure that a position can be generated and that the SNR of the available SV are adequate.
  • Check the external antenna. Verify that the external antenna connect message appears.
System Inspection
  • Check and Upgrade Operation System to the latest version.
  • Calibrate the touch screen. Touch screen operation is normal.
  • Ensure that navigation through the various screens is normal.
  • Check and Upgrade the Firmware to the latest version.
Charging & Battery Inspection
  • Verification that the main battery power displays “charging” when placed in cradle.
  • Check System report for detailed battery information, such as temperature and calibration.
  • Check the battery. Drain the Battery by 10%; verify the unit is charging back to 100%.
  • Visually inspect the battery for damage; specifically check the battery flex connector.
Physical Inspection
  • Check for cracks or any physical or structural damage.
  • Wipe clean the outer surface of the unit. Clean the copper small round electrical connectors in the back.
  • Open the unit and toque all screws to their specifications, includes the Basket, Bucket, lower housing and Bezel.
Communication Test
  • Confirm that the unit communicates using Microsoft ActiveSync.
SD Card Test (2005 and 2008 only)
  • Audio test: This test evaluates both the microphone and speaker.
  • Keypad test: This test evaluates each key on keypad.
  • Display: Allow the user to view all pixels of the LCD in a range of colors to ensure all function properly.
  • Total Power off: This test evaluates the ability of the unit to be reset.

To Apply for MAP-IT Service: