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Mosquito and Vector Control Software

Frontier Precision provides complete office and field solutions for recording, mapping and reporting activities for all sizes of mosquito and vector control operations.

Our software solutions are location-based, which means interactive maps and apps are created and used for better decision making processes.


FieldSeeker® GIS for Mosquito Control leverages the Esri ArcGIS for Server platform to provide users with simple, intuitive tools for recording and finding data related to mosquito control activities. Tools for collecting and reporting data pertaining to Larviciding, Adulticiding, Surveillance and Service Request are included. Field and office users benefit from seeing a common up-to-date picture of their operations. Data can be shared easily on the Web both inside and outside your organization using ArcGIS Online and Esri Smartphone applications.

On-Truck Inventory Tools are also included and used to track movement of products from warehouses to vehicles and between vehicles, track treatments put into the field, and record adjustments. Get an instant up-to-date view of where your product inventory is and where it is going.   Aerial and Ground Spraying Tools are also useful to create spray blocks (proposed treatment areas), set due dates, export selected areas to shapefile for use in other software, and automatically mark treatment areas closed based on spray operations. Information can be imported it into FieldSeeker for time-enabled map display, reporting, and planning purposes.


Frontier Precision is an Esri Gold Partner, and also has Esri’s ArcGIS Online Specialty rating.


The Esri® ArcGIS® location platform is an industry standard that offers easy ways to discover, use, make, and share the information. Esri keeps up with advances in Web technology, mobile computing, cloud infrastructure and service-oriented architecture. Frontier focuses on the advancement of mosquito and vector control workflows. Together we deliver a powerful solution for you to leverage in many different ways.

Frontier Precision’s GIS services group can offer innovative ideas and help your organization achieve goals through focused consulting, configuration, implementation, training and technical support services.  Featured ArcGIS Online services include:

Integrating Service Request GeoForms with your external website, and allow the public to report on mosquito activity in their area.

Activity Status Web Maps can be utilized in a variety of applications to relay information to the public including: recent aerial or ground spraying activities, field inspections, open service requests, or the latest trap results or landing counts.

Operations Dashboards can be used for many common operational needs, including: mapping of activities, service requests, locations requiring actions, landing counts, aerial treatments, total site visits per tech or zone, total treatment area, and much more. Frontier personnel is also trained to implement the Esri Vector-borne Disease Surveillance & Control Solution.


Frontier’s new Windows ULV Extension is an upgrade to our FieldSeeker, Sentinel, and DataMaster Adulticiding workflows. Or it can be a new standalone workflow for compatible sprayers with or without data output. Our brand new design incorporates sleek functionality along with the same sprayer collection engine that has been successfully used for over 10 years by more than 500 adulticiding users.

  • Standalone Office and Windows 10 Field Device Software
  • Esri GIS Compatibility
  • Use with Esri ® or other types of Base Maps
  • No Spray Warnings
  • Collect Spray Sessions from Compatible Sprayers with Data Output
  • Draw in Treatment Areas for other Sprayers without Data Output

Sentinel GIS is your complete solution for recording and managing data critical to controlling mosquitoes. This easy-to-use software package features mobile GIS solutions for mosquito control, automated synchronization between the desktop GIS and the mobile GIS, and supervisory tools making it easy for supervisors to customize and maintain their workflow processes. Applications are based on industry standard Esri ArcGIS and ArcPad software. However, a key to this solution is that no GIS experience is required to get the field data collected.

With Sentinel GIS taking your GIS information to and from the field is seamless. Sentinel GIS offers four application modules: Larviciding, Adulticiding, Surveillance and Service Request. All four applications use a similar process to prepare, collect, and report the mosquito control data. Pick and choose the modules that fit your mosquito control needs.


Frontier Precision, Inc. (formerly Electronic Data Solutions) acquired VCMS® and DataMaster® software from Clarke in 2011 and 2013. Both products are retired.

Our Windows ULV Adulticiding Extension, Sentinel GIS or FieldSeeker GIS products are complementary solutions. Contact us directly so we may have the opportunity to discuss your individual migration plans.

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Patch Download:

Sentinel GIS Patch for 10.x Systems Download


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