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Trimble Positions Mobile Extension (Subscription) – 50-pack


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Product Description

Trimble® Positions™ is the smart way to ensure your mobile GIS is only populated with the best quality data. The Trimble Positions Mobile extension – 50 pack is a software suite that provides a complete streamlined workflow to manage your GNSS data collection for optimal speed and integrity. Together with ArcGIS for Windows Mobile, extend your GIS beyond the office to deploy intuitive and productive mobile GIS data collection for accurate and up-to-date GIS data across your organization.

Because business decisions are only as good as the data available, Trimble Positions Mobile extension – 50 pack ensures that GNSS data collected in the field is complete with the three key dimensions of field data geometries, attributes, and metadata —to give you the confidence your work is on the mark. These complementary data sets are maintained for you throughout your entire workflow, so you can focus on getting more work done.

Integrated synchronization between field and office enables streamlined connections that are quick and efficient.
Define accuracy requirements to ensure certainty of the location of all assets.
Use accuracy based logging for the greatest confidence in your data before leaving the field.
Correct and verify so only qualified data is updated to the GIS. At a single button press, each update adds value making the geodatabase more reliable and useful.
All positions are accompanied by Trimble GNSS metadata to track the pedigree of the data.
The Trimble Positions Mobile extension reduces complexity in the field by applying standard field configurations to your data collectors for consistent results across your whole team. Simple workflows and feedback guide field workers through even the most complex data collection tasks so you don’t need GNSS or GIS experts to get predictably superior results. Leverage Trimble Floodlight® satellite shadow reduction technology for more GNSS positions and increased accuracy in tough GNSS environments. A full range of rugged devices is available to meet the needs of almost any application.

This subscription allows 50 extensions to be deployed by one end-user for a duration of 12 months.

SKU: 87351-03