Trimble Catalyst

Introducing Subscription-Based, Software GNSS

Trimble Catalyst is a software-defined Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) solution that works with select Android mobile handhelds, smartphones and tablets. By combining a small, lightweight, plug-and-play digital antenna (Trimble DA1 antenna) and a subscription to the Catalyst correction service, the receiver provides on-demand GNSS, geo-location capabilities to transform consumer grade devices into high-accuracy mobile data collection systems.


The accuracy is scalable and depends on what you need. Subscriptions can be purchased with either a One-meter, Sub-meter (30-75cm), Decimeter (10-30cm), or Precision (1-10cm) accuracy specification.

Meter Accuracy

Sub-Meter Accuracy

Decimeter Accuracy

Precision Accuracy

Catalyst DA1 Antenna Kit


The meter and Sub-meter services are available globally. The Decimeter and Precision services have select regions of operation. To see coverage areas, click here.

Services come in monthly subscriptions – just select how many months you want to buy.


Catalyst only works with Android devices. Not so fast – it doesn’t work with ALL android devices. To see a list of known compatible devices, click here:

If you download the free Trimble Mobile Manager app from the Google Play store, it will scan your device and tell you if it is compatible or not.

There's An App For That!

Turn your mobile device into a customized collection tool with Catalyst-enabled apps. Use the free Trimble Mobile Manager app to handle your Catalyst subscription and manage a connection to the Catalyst softGNSS engine, then choose the workflow app you need to get your job done. Trimble Catalyst can integrate with other Trimble apps, Catalyst-ready Partner apps, and general 3rd-party apps.

Compass Tools is an authorized distribution partner for Trimble, including Trimble Catalyst.